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The neurotransmitters 5-hydroxytryptamine and noreprinephrine ostensibly are needed for proper neural responses. Most researchers trust that poor responses cause depressive syndromes. This quickly leads to fatigue, pessimism, withdrawal and inadequate functioning. MAO is believed to metabolize those neurotransmitters thus they will not end up to be too outstanding. within the event that they'd been, being the cause of excess neural firing and "manic" behaviour. Conversely, if MAO builds the maximum amount as a better stage, there could also be a deficit of neurotransmitters because the MAO will peform the task too easily. GH3`s explicit ability to balance MAO activity may also reduce this issue. In assessment to several MAO substances (where a tyramine-constrained food set up is wanted) Gerovital GH3 acts as a reversible inhibitor of MAO. It isolates the MAO from the neurotransmitters and consequently prevents the over metabolisation beneath strain or at intervals inthe presence of amino acids, the anesthetic reverses this action that the MAO will perform its different very important options.

"We have found procaine to be an effective inhibitor of MAO and to be clinically effective in alleviating depression and reducing psychotic symptoms associated with schizophrenia"
(Rockland State Hospital: Bucci/Saunders)

GH3 has been shown to be a more potent inhibitor of MAO, than procaine. This mode actions in marked contrast to that exhibited by other inhibitors of MAO, that are used clinically for the treatment of depression and hypertension. For example it has been demonstrated that Eutonyl and Nardil and Parnate are IRREVERSIBLE inhibitors of MAO, and it has been widely reported that patients given IRREVERSIBLE inhibitors of MAO may experience hypertensive reactions manifested by Chest pains, Headaches, Fatal Intercranial Haemorrhages particularly after eating certain foods containing tyramine (cheese and wine) and after ingesting certain commonly used clod remedies.On the other hand, hypertensive reactions have NOT been reported in patients treated with GH3; consequently there are NO RESTRICTIONS on the type of food that may be enjoyed while taking GH3". (University of Southern California: MacFarlane)

"The weak, reversible fully competitive inhibitor of MAO produced by GH3 is in marked contrast to the potent, irreversible inhibition of MAO produced by currently available agents. The mechanism by which GH3 inhibits MAO may help to explain the absence of severe adverse reaction with GH3 that is traditionally associated with irreversible (antidepressant drugs) MAO inhibitors". (USC: MacFarlane/Besbris)

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